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All New Full Roof Replacements will include

Free 50-year GAF Plus System Warranty

Offer available until 30th of June 2023!

Who are we?

  DURAPROOF Construction is a family-owned and operated roofing contractor construction company. With offices located in Cliffside Park, we operate all over New Jersey, US. The team of Duraproof roofing contractor construction company has installed and maintained over 5,000 jobs completed with over 15 years of combined construction experience.

roofing contractor construction company,

How can we help you today?

roofing contractor construction company , located in Cliffside Park


Roofs play a key role in protecting building occupants and interiors from outside weather conditions, primarily moisture.

masonry, the art and craft of building roofing contracter


No matter the type of masonry work you have in mind, rely on the experts at DURAPROOF to handle it.

chimneys. a pipe to conduct smoke from roofs by  roofing contracter


Changes in temperature can cause construction materials to expand and contract. Causing severe damage to constructions as Chimneys.

siding, material useed to surface the exterior of  roos by  roofing contracter


New siding can do more than just help your home look better; it will also protect the exterior of your home from harsh elements.

 roofing contracter, long hallow device which are attatched to roof edges


Gutters and downspouts are important for the health and well-being of your house. By directing roof runoff away from your foundation walls.


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